Thanks so much for your interest in volunteering for Fuel Up at PHS! 

  • All volunteer positions taking place at Perry Harrison School MUST complete the online application process (Level 1) designated by Chatham County Schools before signing up. Volunteers must apply and be approved each school year. If your application is denied you need to contact us and cancel all volunteer time slots. The process is easy and quick! Click here for instructions and to begin the application or renewal process.
  • Sign Fuel Up's liability waiver agreeing that you will follow all of the safety recommendations and allow Fuel Up to use photos of you volunteering the first time you volunteer with us each school year.   
  • Volunteers should cancel their time slot if they have are sick or if a family member has COVID-19.
  • Please consider including your Cell Phone number in your account info so we can contact you easily and quickly if necessary. Click on My Account in the left column under your name to ensure your Cell Phone number is present and accurate.
  • Can't commit to volunteering? Check out our Help Us page for other ways to help!
  • There will be one week in the month (typically the second week of the month) where distribution will happen a day earlier. Please pay attention to these schedule changes and add them to your calendar accordingly.